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Building strong, positive, nonviolent communities

Developing Righteous United Movement (D.R.U.M) is a nonprofit organization, in collaboration with Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc., that aims to end violence, promote mental health, and provide career opportunities.

We reach out to the people in need within the communities we serve and provide inclusive community service. We generate opportunities to help them thrive while building safe and progressive schools, homes, and communities. We help prevent school violence, shootings, and other harmful acts.

Through fundraising, sponsorship, and other activities, we can empower them to live economically, socially, and emotionally healthy and stable.

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Our mission is to empower individuals and communities through innovative programming and best practices to enable youth and families to live their full potential.


Our vision is to create an empowered and safe community, helping marginalized people to transform their lives for the better.