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Dedicated to providing community services
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Brownsville Think Tank Matters, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization in Brooklyn, New York that provides an avenue for reaching out to individuals and families in need through community improvement, capacity building and more.

We aim to help ordinary people in making choices for their lives, jobs, and security. It is our goal to help these people return to the community, now being self-sufficient and productive individuals who have hope for the future.

We provide education, training, and other support services so everyone can reach their full potential, achieve their dreams, and inspire others in a safe and supportive community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve people from all walks of life and support residents. Together we can make dreams possible through life-changing experiences, finding resources and opportunities for the community to chase their dreams.

Our Vision

Innovate communities to work towards both personal goals and a vision of a world shaped by success and core values, such as the power of love over hate, equality, human dignity, and peace with justice. Cultivate environments that build active learners, great service providers, workers, and members in our communities and citizens that inspire the world.

Public Safety

The mission is to connect with the community, elected officials, and law enforcement. By providing prudent precautions and responses that provide awareness to the elderly, children, and adults, we can create safe passageways through our community services.

Get in Touch

We help individuals by promoting the common good through safety awareness, outreach, and proactive security measures. Contact us now.